Full list of all the weapons that are available at Halo 2 game.

halo 2 weapons

Battle rifle – This gun will probably be the most used weapon in Halo 2. It can be used as a semi automatic at close and also is believed to come witha 2X zoom to be used as a sniper. This is the weapon that will most likely be replacing the pistol.

Magnum – The magnum is less powerful that the pistol found in the first Halo game. This does not come equipped with a zoom mode as the pistol did. It has been said, however, that head shots can still cause a great amount of damage with the magnum. It also comes with the dual weilding ability.

Rocker Launcher – This popular weapon has returned to make an encore appearance in Halo 2. This time, it has a neat little added feature. Just paint a vehicle with a red focused rectile for several seconds and the rocket will track down the unsuspecting driver and he will never know what hit him.

Shotgun – This was a very power weapon in Halo: Combat Evolved and it returns to make a second appearance in Halo 2. This is a great weapon for close quarters combat. Players are currently not allowed to dual wield the shotgun.

Sniper rifle – This is yet another weapon returning from Halo: Combat Evolved. There were some changes made for Halo 2 however. The trail left by the gun is much less evident now and there is a significant amount of recoil between the shots. This means that you will get really good at shooting your opponents in the head.

Stationery machine gun – This is basically the M41 LAAG removed from its warthog base. The intention of the M41 is to be a Light Anti-Aircraft Gun (LAAG) but is very effective against ground troops as well. This gun will most likely feature the endless ammo supply that you see on the warthog.

Submachine gun – This could quite possibly be the replacement for the assault rifle from Halo: Combat Evolved. By replacement, we mean better. You can carry two of these guns at the same time. The SMG has a wide spread just like the assault rifle and it would be smart to fire in short, controlled bursts.

Beam rifle – This is what looks like to be the Covenant’s answer to the sniper rifle. Not much is known about this weapon but it looks like it will not use ammo (as with most Covenant weapons) and will overheat after four shots, keeping it alongside the sniper rifle which has four shots.

Brute shot- This weapon can be used both to launch explosive projectiles, and as a hand to hand combat weapon. This weapon is usually carried by brutes and does a larger amount of slash damage than a direct hit. There is a blade on the underside of the weapon that can be used to pry into your opponents skull, making this a pretty deadly weapon in close quarters combat.

Carbine – This is a good weapon in many different forms of combat. There is a rumor that this weapon even has the ability to zoom. The firepower seems to be similar to that of the Human Battle Rifle.

Needler – There is no doubt that you probably remember this weapon from Halo: Combat Evolved. This time, however, there are a few improvements… The Needler can be dual wielded and the needles still track their target but this time they make a bigger boom, often setting off nearby grenades that have yet to explode.

Plasma pistol – This is yet another weapon makind an encore appearance from Halo: Combat Evolved. This weapon also now has the option to be dual wielded. They are still like in the first Halo where you have the option of a short burst of energy that will stun your enemy or a huge blast of plasma that will deplete their shields. After the huge blast, however, you need to give the guns time to cool down.

Plasma rifle – This weapon is back from Halo: Combat Evolved with a few little differences. It will now cause the enemies to “freeze” not allowing them to return fire or rotate. Its effect has been taken down a bit from the original Halo, however. You will be able to dual wield this weapon with another weapon to make a very deadly combination.

Plasma sword – This weapon lets you throw down, and very severely at that. This sword has two different attacks. A melee attack or, if the target is in range, you can lunge at them and kindly remove them of their life.