Cairo Station

You are given control of Master Chief while standing on a glass floor. Go down the stairs and you will see some guns lying on a crate. Grab both of the SMG’s to dual wield them. Now follow the marines through the hallway and door and you’ll come to a catwalk in a big room. Get down on the floor of the room and take cover. Point your guns at the door with the green light and wait.

This is your first firefight. After you get rid of all of the covenants, go through the door and turn right. You will run into a few more covenants. After they are taken care of, go up the flight of stairs and through the doors at the top. Go a little ways and turn left, you’ll be looking down into a big room with trees. There is a turret gun you can choose to use on the covenants or you can jump down and fight them on the floor. After that room is cleared go to the back of the room and turn left.

Follow the hallway and go up the stairs and through the doors. You should now be looking down on another big room with covenants in it. Dispose of them how you like. After the room is cleared, a ship outside will blow up. There should now be a door open in the back corner of the room. Go througn this door and follow the hallway. This should bring you to another room full of covenants for you to get rid of. Once this room is cleared, another ship will blow up.

Now go down the stairs in the floor of the room. Kill all the covenants, watch out for the cloaked elite. Go through the door at the end of the hallway and up the stairs. Now you’ll find yourself where you first started the game learning the basics. Go through the door in that room to find another room full of covenants. Once the room is cleared go through the open door at the end and up the stairs and through the doors.

Once you do that, go through the doors and you will find some friendlies and, guess what, som emore covenants. Once they are dead, go to the end of the hallway and through the door. You will now travel outside the ship. Once out of the ship, walk all the way to the right to find the door. Watch for the covenants with jetpacks. Go through the doors and into the next room. Here you will have to fight some flying covenants. Get on the elevator (moving floor) and start it downward.

Once the elevator reaches bottom, head for the red door. A door behind you will close and the one in front will open, You will be back outside the ship. Fight your way to the other side and go through the door on the left. There are a few elites guarding the bomb so be careful. After all the elites are dead, a movie takes over, you are now done with level one.

halo 2 walk through


When the level starts, follow the marines. They will stop and let you go ahead of them. Go down the hallway and you will find yourself in somewhat of a town square. Here you will have to fight a bunch of covenants. Be sure to watch everywhere, including up high. The fighting will go on for a while until you hear someone talking about a landing zone on the intercom. Shortly after that a couple hunters should break through a door.

With hunters, you have to remember that the only place you can harm them is where their skin is exposed (where it is red). Once the hunters are dead, go through the hole they made in the wall. Follow the alley until you come to a little open area with some jackals. Fight your way through. ONce you do that, you’ll go around a little curve and see a bunch of jackals and a few drones. Get rid of all of these guys but watch the jackals with the beam rifles.

About halfway down that alley way, turn left into another alley where you will find some more covenants. Follow that alley way into an open space with palm trees. Here you will be told the crash site is on the other side of the hotel. Turn your flashlight on and go through the hotel, killing the covenants along the way. Once on the other side of the hotel, you will have to deal with a few more covenants.

Once they are wasted, get in the drivers seat of the warthog that is there. You should have a gunner and a passenger. Now just drive around the beach and let your driver and passenger make short work of the covenants. Take the warthog through the alley in the corner of the first beach to get to the next. Keep working you way down the beach any way you can.

The third beach might get a little dicey but you should do ok. At the end of the third beach get in the tunnel and follow it. The tunnel is pretty long and full of covenants but it should not be hard to get through. Once you get to the end of the tunnel, you have completed the level.


When this mission starts, you will find that you get to play as an elite. Follow the other elites to the big door. Once through the big door, you will see another smaller door. The head elite will talk for a while then the door will open. You can camoflague yourself right now but it won’t last long.

Make your way through the room of covenants. Once you get to the other end, take the passage under the place you were just walking on. You should find an elevator at the back of the room, take it. You should now find yourself in a hangar.

Fight your way to the other end and open the doors. Go through the door at the opposite end of the big hangar door. Follow the hallway down to a big room. Fight your way to the other side and go through the door. Keep following the passageway until you get to a door. Go through the door and you’ll be in a big room.

Turn left and go almost to the end of the room. To your right there should be a little hallway with a door, go through it. About halfway through the next room turn left. Go through the door you see. You will see a banshee take off. Get out there and get in a banshee.

Fly along with the phantom and destroy all of the banshees. There will also be some covenants on turret guns, destroy them too. You will eventually go far enough and be told to clear a landing zone. Do this then land and go in the door. Mission Complete.

Delta Halo

When the level starts you are on a beachfront type of thing. Basically just run around and kill all of the covenants for now. A couple Phantoms will show up and drop more covenants so just keep killing them. Eventually, the Pelican will be able to drop a Warthog. When this happens, get in the turrent and let the CPU drive. When you get to the bridge kill all covenant then go in the building and extend the bridge.

Once this is done, a Scorpoin Tank will be dropped. Get in it and head across the bridge, don’t forget to kill the Wraith. On the other side of the bridge head right. Keep following the passage. You will come to an open space. Desecrate everything. Go to the other side and into the building thing. You should find another passage, take it.

You should come to some ruin type things, kill all of the covenants. You will have to ditch your Scorpoin now if you haven’t already done so. Just keep pushing through the ruins. You should eventually end up on top of a big water fall. This is a good sniper position so you may wish to eliminate some covenants before you drop down. Kill the covenants and go to the other side of the clearing.

Follow the passage that you will find. You will end up out in the open with a bunch of walkways over something that looks like a big sea. Rearm yourself with the SMGs that are in the drop pods if you want to. Go in the big building. YOu will se some honor guards, don’t let them get behind you or they will kill you with their swords. Once they are dead, the level will be complete.

Halo 2 Miscellaneous Tips

  • When shooting a gun like the SMG, it is best the shoot the gun in short bursts rather than holding the trigger, this is more accurate and it also conserves ammo.
  • When you dual wield guns, try to jog your ammo so you can be shooting one gun while reloading the other.
  • You cannot use your melee attack while you are dual wielding weapons.
  • The only place you can hurt a hunter is his where the skin is exposed (the red areas).
  • When you are warned that your shields are low, take cover quick, they will recharge shortly.
  • Don’t be afraid to use grenades, they can be very handy.
  • If you ever don’t know where to go and there are a few marines around, follow them, chances are they know where to go.
  • A plasma pistol in one hand and a different weapon in the other can be a deadly combination as the plasma pistol will temporarily stun its target.
  • Use anything and everything that is at your disposal, even discarded covenant vehicles.
  • You cannot throw grenades while dual weilding weapons.
  • Don’t be intimidated by a grunt, they will often run from you if they are by themself. However, it there is an elite with them, they will stay and fight.
  • Although it is fun to dual wield weapons, sometimes it can be handy to be able to use a grenade. You just have to know when these times would be good.
  • If an elite has a sword, do not by any means charge him. Instead keep your distance and kill him with your gun… then take his sword, they are fun.
  • Dont worry too much about dying, if you die doing something, chances are you will remember not to do it again.
  • Practice all the time so you can beat your friends in multiplayer mode.
  • Stay high, that way it is easier to jump on unsuspected enemies.