Here is a look at all of the vehicles you can expect to see in Halo 2. As you can see, they are way cooler than the vehicles that you remember from the original Halo. Just click on the vehicle name to see a picture of it.

halo 2 vehicles

M12 LRV Warthog – the famous Warthog is back for round two but it has a few new friends. There is now four different kinds of warthogs in Halo 2. The standard three barreled machine gun version is still here but there are three new additions. There is a camoflagued version that looks almost identical to the regular warthog except it is camoflauged. It also has sand tires and sand backs on the fronts and sides to protect the passengers. Then there is the snow version. This version has treads in place of the wheels in the front and back. Finally, there is the troop carrier. This one does not appear to have any weapons but it is possible that the passengers can shoot out of it. There are also rumors that a warthog may be equiped with a rocket launcher.

ATV – This is basically the human version of the Ghost. It will most likely be the most fun vehicle to drive in Halo 2. It will allow you to drive and shoot at the same time and also carry one passenger to cover your rear-end while you are driving. This vehocle will most likely be prone to roll overs at high speeds however.

Pelican Dropship – The Pelican Dropship is the main troop dropship for the Humans. It carries a warthog strapped to its underpinnings and is capable of multiple atmospheric departures and re-entries. It has a cargo capacity for a completely full armed squad of marines, making it capable of carring enough ordnance and personel to take over a landing zone in one drop.

Longsword – As you probably know, in the origina Halo, the Master in Chief and Cortana escaped from Halo in a Longsword Fighter. This longsword will most likely provide some help to you in Halo 2. It is not clear if you will be able to call on them to bomb yet but wouldn’t that be cool?

Ghost – The Ghost is the standard reconnaissance and rapid attack vehicle used by the Covenants. It is equipped with two directed energy weapons capable of projecting a bolt of super-heated plasma in the 100-250kW range. This vehicle being very fast and maneuverable, you have to give up something, and that is driver vulnerability. The driver is very vulnerable. It is possible that you will be able to shoot while flying the ghost but that is not confirmed.

Cov Bus – This will most likely be the covenant troop carrier. It will be possible to destroy this vehicle you will just have to hit in all the right places. It would be in your best interest to destroy this as soon as possible to prevent battling many covenants later on. You should also be wary of the stationary gun turret mounted on top of it with a grunt siting inside. The sides are unprotected but it is not known how many covenants it will actually be able to carry.

Shadow – There is a lot of rumor surrounding this vehicle. It is not certain but it may be the Covenant version of the warthog. It is also not certain whether or not you will be able to shoot from the back as you can with the warthog. It would be a good guess, though, that it would be more like the scorpion tank where people can sit on the side and shoot. It will most likeley have a propulsion system similar to the ghost as well.

Phantom – This is the new version of the Covenant drop ship. This will be like the Pelican but it carries a plasma gun underneath that fires pinkish plasma rather than blue. This ship is capable of dropping Covenants on the move as well as when it is sitting still.

Plasma Artillery Cannon – Well, this could go either way as a weapon or a vehicle but we’ll just throw it down here. It is capable of moving from area to area and is in fact destructible, making it more a vehicle than a weapon. Basically all this does is launch huge blue balls of plasma into buildings.

Covenant drop pods – There is not much know about these nifty little things. They do come from space. They either come from the Covenant home planet or a Covenant cruiser. One thing is certain, if a bunch of these things land around you, you better start deciding where they are going to bury your dead body.